get aligned, or get out the way.

my ancestors have been guiding my steps for a few months now, and it has become painfully clear that i must align myself with what resonates the most with my inner self and my purpose. it has been so painful to get plucked out of my state of academic-ridden normalcy and get set down where i’ve needed to be for a while now: aligned more directly with the work of Black liberation, in relationship with my artistry, and away from institutions and people that uphold white supremacy. unless it is to the end of redistributing resources, there is no time to straddle the fence, to uphold niceties, to be unclear about stances.

it is war, it has always been war, it will always be war until it is over. so, i had to ask myself what im willing to do to end it. being in the ivory tower, for now, aint it.

the message has been made clear to me, and also to others: it’s time to either get aligned or get out the damn way.

and please believe, my ancestors will not have mercy for those who fashion themselves into obstacles for me to overcome. the stakes are too high to play nice anymore.

choose wisely. what side of history will u be on?

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