the SZNs are changing…


I’ve really been feelin the astrological weather these days. My Sun and Venus have returned to their natal positions, and thus reminders of my deep passion for people/life and the intensity of my love have returned to me.

Issa season of true, HONEST love 💗 and adjusting your relationships (and communication) (I see u Mercury in Libra) to serve your highest good. Therefore, some autumn adjustments are currently being made. True love never has to compromise, never has to shrink itself, never has to apologize for existing as is.

And with Saturn and Pluto currently in Capricorn, chile……..if you GOATS ain’t been integrous and honest as of late, then you REALLY feeling these aspects drag you rn and I also don’t feel bad for you 🐐 as a fellow Capricorn, I have no empathy for stubbornness allowed to fester for too long, past the point of usefulness.

Venus in Scorpio 🦂 nut checks all dem flaky folks who’ve tried to finesse their way within my proximity and is drowning them one by one if they not up to par 🙃 seeing the excess get washed away in these deep, deep, DEEP regenerative Scorpio waters lately brings me so much joy and affirmation.

Intensity isn’t a bad thing if it serves your highest self and if you do the things to keep up. Scorpio is a highly intuitive and intense bitch, so you gotta come correct or don’t come at all.

But first, let us celebrate the harvest we’ve sowed for ourselves all summer in this season. Libra is less about balance and more about proper ratio: having balance requires knowing how much of each thing is necessary and when to scale back on other things. I’m reclaiming my energies that I’ve been spending on excess people, places, and things and redirecting it towards what needs it (myself) (my important relationships) more than the excess.

I hope all my Libra friends are finding themselves able to wash away the excess and redistribute your important, sacred energy towards yourselves and whoever/whatever needs it most. It’s our SZN ♎️

I fuck with you if you love me
Fuck you if you had me 🖕🏽😘