I go by J. I’m a 25 year old artist, writer and scholar originally from Texas. I identify as a non-binary, masculine of center person; my pronouns are they/them. and I’m Black AF.

people of African descent here in the united states (and also around the globe) have suffered violence and brutality from the state and various agents of white supremacy for centuries; thus, my life’s work culminates to achieving the ends of justice and liberation. liberation (including psychological liberation) is an endpoint and a possible reality for people of African descent. this includes queer, trans, poor, ‘uneducated’, etc. Black folks. all of us.

my purpose is to devote my talents and gifts to this end of liberation. I currently work with the Cleveland chapter of Black Lives Matter in achieving this end. my foundation in the diaspora and ever-growing knowledge of our collective histories fuels my conviction & determination to continue to struggle in the Black radical tradition in 2017.

— co-creator of #StayMadAbby alongside @theREIGNYseason and @daraoke

— currently exploring my artistry more in-depth 😉


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